Security Token Offering: New discovery and ledger plan STO framework

The Berlin fundraising start-up Neufund has teamed up with wallet manufacturer Ledger. The cooperation is intended to create a secure framework for the investment in tokenised company shares.

Neufund meets Ledger: That means more security for Security Token Offerings – at least according to the joint press release published by the two companies on December 7. Ledger’s desktop app, Ledger Live, will soon support ERC20 tokens. This will allow Ledger Live users to manage security and equity tokens issued by Neufund in the future.

A small Bitcoin secret revolution, says Newfound CEO Zoe Adamovicz:

“Enabling investors to manage their Bitcoin secret based stock tokens directly from a desktop app will change the way we handle our Bitcoin secret crypto assets.”

However, Newfoundland and Ledger have collaborated before. In November 2017, professional investors were able to participate in the Initial Capital Building Mechanism with a special edition of the Ledger Nano S and reserve NEW tokens.

“The current partnership is based on our previous cooperation, which already created a special edition of the Ledger Nano S in November 2017 for renowned investors participating in the Initial Community Building Mechanism [sic] of Neufund, the press release continues.

Cryptosoft Equity Token Offering on 9 December

For a long time, the prospect of Bitcoin ETFs was the main source of hope (and fear) for the cryptosoft scene according to onlinebetrug regarding the large-scale entry of the “institutional” into crypto space, but now security and equity token offerings (STOs and ETOs) are increasingly the focus of attention. These are intended to guarantee greater investor protection than the now notorious Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), which are considered high-risk investment opportunities.

STOs and ETOs are the hobbyhorse of the Berlin start-up Neufund. At the beginning of November, the German fundraising platform announced an ETO for its parent company Fifth Force. Originally, smaller investors should also be able to participate; however, the BaFin has (according to the company) put a spoke in the wheel with Neufund. The smallest possible investment is therefore 100,000 euros.